Body horror in media

Body Horror Films

Akira1988, Alien franchise1979–present[2], Altered States1980,American Mary2012An American Werewolf iLondon1981Annihilation2018Antiviral2012Art of the Devil2004as well as it’s 2005 and 2008 sequels Art of the Devil 2, and Art of the Devil 3Audition1999Bad Taste1987Baskin2015Bite2015Black Swan2010Blade1998as well as its 2002 sequel Blade IIThe Blob1958including its 1972 sequel Beware! The Blob and 1988 remake The BlobBody Melt1993The Brain1988Brain Damage1988Braindead1992Cabin Fever2002Carriers2009Clown2014Contracted2013and Contracted: Phase II, released in 2015Cronos1993Deadgirl2008Dead Ringers2009District 91988Eraserhead1977Event Horizon1997Evil Dead franchise1981–presentexcept for 1992’s Army of Darkness, which is a much less gruesome film than the otherseXistenZ1999The Fly1958and its 1959 and 1965 sequels, the 1986 remake, and the 1989 sequel to the remake[3]Freaked1993From Beyond1986Gozu2003The Green Inferno2013The Hands of Orlac1960Hellraiser franchise1987–presentHorns2013Hostel2005and its 2007 and 2011 sequels.The Human Centipede (First Sequence)2009and its 2011 and 2015 sequels.Ichi the Killer2001Extremely bloody and visceral, also includes sexual contentIdle Hands1999The Incredible Melting Man1977[2]It Follows2014Invasion of the Body Snatchers1978as well as the 1956 originalBody Snatchers, and The InvasionJacob’s Ladder1990Killer Condom1996The Kindred1987Kuso2017Leviathan1989Made In Abyss2017Later episodes contain graphic depictions of transformation/mutation due to the “curse of the abyss.”Marianne2011May2002Meatball Machine2005Night of the Creeps1986One-Eyed Monster2008the crossover spoof of Jaws and the Thing.Overlord 2018Parasyte2014Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead2006Possession1981Raw2017Rabid1977Re-Animator1985[2]Repo! The Genetic Opera2008Repo Men2010Return of the Living Dead 31993Rosemary’s Baby1968The Ruins2008Scanners1981Shivers1975The Skin I live In2011Slither2006Society1989Splinter2008Spring2014Sssssss1973Starry Eyes2014Strangeland1998Street Trash1987The Stuff1985Suspiria2018Taxidermia2006[4]Teeth2007Tetsuo: The Iron Man1989and its 1992 and 2010 sequels.Thanatomorphose2012The Thing1982and its 2011 prequel[2]Thinner1996Tokyo Gore Police2008The Toxic Avenger1984and the two 1989sequels as well as it’s 2000 sequelTusk2014Under the Skin2013Upgrade2018Venom2018Videodrome1983[3]Virus1999The Void2016i

Famous Authors of Body Horror